About Us

E Komo Mai!

Welcome to the Waimanalo Food System Website! We hope to inspire healthy eating by sharing information about the food system in Waimanalo.

On this website you will find resources or links to:

  • a directory of businesses that sell, cultivate, process, or provide food in Waimanalo,
  • how we are improving availability of vegetables and fruits through backyard gardening projects,
  • places in Waimanalo you can purchase whole or minimally processed fruits and vegetables,
  • how to safely prepare produce as part of a healthy meal or snack,
  • and so much more!

What is a food system?

A food system is the production, distribution, consumption, and recycling that takes place in an unending cycle. When a food system is working well, everyone served by that food system has access to healthy foods in adequate amounts for healthy living.