God’s Country Waimānalo


God’s Country Waimanalo
P.O. Box 723
Waimānalo, HI 96795
Phone: 499-5055
Email: ilima@godscountrywaimanalo.com
Website: www.godscountrywaimanalo.com

Hours of Operation: Check website
Goods and Services: aquaponics, traditional gardening (in soil), canoe culture, ukulele building, la‘au lapa‘au

Healthy Items:

  • Traditional Medicines
  • Vegetables – if you can think of it, you can grow it
  • Tilapia

Other Information:

  • Proportion of employees living in Waimānalo: 100%
  • Do you grow or raise any food? Yes! (vegetables, fruit, nuts, coconut, kukui nuts, beans, fish)
  • How much of what you grow/raise is sold or consumed in Waimanalo? Most to all
  • Do you process food? Yes (cooking, drying herbs, etc.)
  • Do you sell (or give) food directly to the consumer? n/a – We teach people to grow their own food.
  • Do you sell or distribute food to other locations? In the future, GCW plans to help others to grow food and sell at Waimanalo Market or at the Farmer’s Market (economic development)
  • Do you compost your food waste? Yes
  • Do you do other types of recycling? Yes