Bucket Gardening Project

Brief Description of Waimānalo Bucket Gardening Project
The Department of Health, Healthy Hawaiʻi Initiative with funding through a CDC Cooperative Agreement, contracted with Nā Pualani Learning ʻOhana (NPLO), to use gardening as a means to improve the health of Waimānalo residents. Participating community members learned how to grow their own food and prepare healthy meals with that food.  The project also taught about the local food system: production, distribution, consumption, and recycling. The main objective was to help people to improve their diets  through education and improved access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bucket Gardening Brochure – Vegetables and Fruit to Grow and Eat – Bucket Gardening Brochure 4 pages, print ready

Bucket Gardening Brochure – Vegetables to Grow and Eat – Easy Reading, 10 pages, same information as the other brochure

Here are the 5 activities NPLO conducted in the Waimānalo community:

  1. Demonstration Raised Bed Gardening
    In conjunction with master gardeners, NPLO conducted raised bed gardening classes at community locations in Waimānalo to encourage residents to garden at their home using buckets as the method of raised bed gardening.
  2. Bucket Garden Workshops
    Using recycled buckets as planters, participants painted a recycled bucket and planted a vegetable or fruit at home.  Bucket Gardens Workshops had an educational component on topics concerning food, nutrition, sustainability, the biology of plants, how to garden, global issues related to the environment, etc.  Sites for BG workshops included the Waimānalo Health Center, Job Corps Hawaiʻi, Blanche Pope Elementary School, Waimānalo Elementary & Intermediate School, Head Start in Waimānalo, and Kūpuna Hale Housing.  For current information about gardening on O’ahu, including dates of upcoming events, please go to our Facebook page.
  3. Open Garden Exchange Session
    At Waimānalo Health Center, NPLO provided an opportunity for participants to get together and trade homegrown fruits and veggies, trade seeds or starts, paint a mini bucket garden, get gardening information, watch a video, etc.  NPLO held open sessions, so anyone could stop by anytime during the given hours.
  4. Cooking Classes
    In partnership with a local restaurant, Sweet Home Waimānalo, a Healthy Cooking Class was held to encourage folks to use healthful methods of food preparation and to demonstrate that healthy eating is tasty and fun.
  5. Movie Screenings
    Nā Pualani Learning ʻOhana showed movies/films about pertinent food, gardening and sustainability issues.  These films informed the viewers about growing food, healthy eating, food systems, etc., and showed how our local foods systems are connected to and interdependent with the global food system.

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