Sustainable Recipes
What would happen if all the imported food stopped coming to Hawai‘i? We would need to be able to cook and eat things that we can grow here. The recipes on the pull down menu are intended to be sustainable – that is, they are from ingredients that can be grown and produced right here in Hawai‘i.

Rating System Explained
“A” Recipes – 100% of the ingredients can be grown/produced sustainably in Hawai‘i

“B” Recipes – at least 50% of the ingredients can be grown/produced sustainably in Hawai‘i

For example, many foods grow here, but olives for olive oil may not be something to count on, especially at a low elevation as in Waimanalo.

We hope that these recipes will give people some new and creative ways to enjoy the vegetables, fruits and fish grown/raised in Waimanalo.

Links to Other Food Preparation Tips and Recipes

NEW Recipes
Nutrition Education for Wellness (NEW), in partnership with CTAHR, provides this Food Skills Cookbook with tips and recipes.

Home Cooking Recipes
These recipes come from the Harvard School of Public Health – a great source for health information. Get some new ideas on healthy ways to prepare veggies and more!



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