Gardening Links

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Meadows and More
Having trouble growing your own? Harvesting wild foods is another form of food sustainability.

Grow your Own
Features easy-to-read brochures about getting started with growing fresh fruits and vegetables in Hawaii. Here you can learn about growing plants in containers, composting (including vermicomposting with worms), and what you need to know about safe food harvesting.

CTAHR Introduction to Aquaponics (YouTube)
In this four and a half minute video, Clyde Tamaru, CTAHR Extension Specialist, explains how to set up an aquaponics system and what vegetables grow well using this method in Hawaii.

Vermicompost in Hawai’i: It’s Production and Use
In this seven minute video, Dr. Ted Radovich, Extension Specialist at CTAHR’s Sustainable and Organic Farming Systems Laboratory, outlines how to set up a successful small scale vermicomposting system.

Compost Made Easy
Afraid to start a compost pile? These 10 tips make it easy!

Global Buckets 
This website shows how to create bucket gardens for easy vegetable growing. It includes instructions on a self-watering system for the buckets.

Fruits and Veggies – More Matters
This site has gardening tips and instructions on how to prepare what you have grown.

Composting Graphic