Waimanalo Beach Cafe & Gallery

Waimanalo Beach Cafe & Gallery – group meeting place.
Address: 41-865 Kalanianaole Hwy, Waimanalo Beach

Phone #: 808-222-9863
Email:  hawaii@myway.com
Website: http://www.facebook.com/dabeachcafe

Hours of Operation:
Tues-Fri: 7:30- 5 or later
Sat: 7:30- 5 or later
Sun: 7:30- 5 or later

Payment accepted: cash/ check/ VISA/ MasterCard/ Discover (perhaps Amex accepted soon)

Good and services offered: Coffee house (expresso drinks like cappuccinos and lattes, frappuccinos, smoothies, food, ice cream and gelato. Also for sale inside:  Ukuleles, jewelry, beach rentals, photography & art.  I would like to become a location where local groups, halau, music groups, etc. could have their meetings &/or parties.  There’s plenty of space inside the cafe and the location is perfect for small parties or meetings.

Healthy items you would like to highlight (esp. fresh fruits and vegetables): Tropical mix smoothies, Veggie hummus wraps, salads, lasagna (both meat & veggie)…  I’m opening to adding anything there is a local demand for.

What proportions of you employees live in Waimanalo?  100% (currently no employees, self-employed and live here)

Do you offer any coupons? I should have an ad offering 50% off with “Hot Deals” with the Star Advertiser

Do you grow or raise any food? (e.g. fruit/vegetable, nuts, beans, fish, livestock):  Not currently.  But I’ve discussed having a rooftop garden and am exploring that option.  I’d like to find local providers for my salads & greens….
If you answered yes to the question above, how much of what you grow/raise is sold or consumed in Waimanalo?  estimate  %

Do you process food? (e.g. drying, packaging, slicing, baking, grilling, making yogurt/cheese/bread, etc.)  My kitchen is limited and I cannot cook fresh, or bake on premises…. I can only re-cook and/or buy from other locations.  I’m looking for someone from Waimanalo who can provide fresh baked goods and/or donuts.

Do you sell or distribute food to other locations?  No

Do you have a place where people can eat? Yes.  Several tables inside,  includes free WI-FI.

Do you compost your food waste? No.  There’s almost no food waste.

Do you do other types of recycling? Only bottles/cans/cardboard.

Optional information:

Bio of the owners:  Bill Young.  Lived in Europe 5 years.  Lived in Kyoto, Japan 13 years.  Kauai for 3 years  (Anahola – many similarities with Waimanalo) . North Shore Oahu 3 years (Alligator Rock).   Ala Moana 3 years.  Speaks fluent French, good Spanish, fair Italian and Japanese.

History of your business:  Was Nalos Mexican Food, then Ken’s Bakery, Spiral Gallery Cafe & Sundial Cafe (others in between).  I’ve heard Gabby used to play music on the sidewalk out front, years ago.   I also heard that the bakery was very, very popular.  A few months ago, the unique and pretty frescoes (painted murals on the front of the building) were added, making the place easy to notice next to Serg’s Mexican food.  The building appeared in the background of several scenes of last year’s Hawaii 5-0 tv show.

The art on the exterior walls obviously makes us unique.  The owner is adding more art and music all the time, and soon, with beach rentals, there will be many different ways to add to the community.

A mission statement:  We provide a unique coffee house to Waimanalo community like one might not expect to find here.  There’s unique art and music, nice views of the Ko‘olaus… we want to create a welcoming, magical atmosphere where people can come for exceptional coffee and good food surrounded by nice photography, art and music.

Anything else that you think is unique to your company? The fact there is space for group meetings or parties is a plus.  The shop hasn’t been able to survive on just coffee sales, so in order to succeed and remain in the community, people will have to consider the Beach Cafe as a place to get together to meet, talk story, play music, or have meetings.